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KSHXYZ Servo "X/Y" Tractor with "Z" Control
Knight Global's KSHXYZ Servo "X/Y" Tractor with "Z" Controls are designed to accurately locate, push, tow, lift  and position loads from an overhead rail system. The KSHXYZ Series facilitates a (3) three axis, (2) two tractor combo configuration. Tractors significantly reduce the push/ pull forces as well as the energy to sustain movements. Knight's KSHXYZ Series Servo Tractors have Knight's (IAD) Intelligent Assist Device Servo Technology incorporated into their design allowing them to provide controlled transfers of workloads with speed and precision. Knight's Servo "X/Y" with "Z" Control Tractors can be programmed to automatically or manually move and stop the runway (X Axis) or bridge (Y Axis) at intended locations with repeatable accuracy while lifting loads (Z Axis) at the same time; thus eliminating unnecessary operator motions. Knight Servo Tractors can be programmed for assembly line speed synchronization.

The KSHXYZ Servo Tractor offers a continuous contact non-slip rack and pinion design. This continuous non-slip design allows for a more accurate positioning of the load. Movement of the Servo Tractor is controlled by input sensors that have an electrical signal that interprets the different weight or forces applied from the operator.
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Knight Global KSHXYZ Servo X/Y Tractor with Z Control
Mechanical Features
• Axis Direction: "X", "Y" and "Z".
• Variable Maximum Speed:
  - Up to 174 ft. per min. [53.2mpm].
• Maximum Towing Capacity:
  - Up to 4,000 lbs. [1,814.37kg].
• Maximum Lifting Capacity:
  - Up to 1,000 lbs. [453.59kg].
Non-Slip Rack and Pinion Drive System.
• Clutch (24 VDC).
• Power and Free Drive Wheel.
• Absolute Positioning.
• Safety Rating of 125%.
• Fail Safe Brake.
• Knight's Patented Chain, for longer life.
• Chain Length, Unlimited (18 ft. Standard).
• Sealed Worm Style Gearbox.
H5 Rated (Continuous Duty Cycle).
Software Features
• Programming and Diagnostic
  Communication Ports.
• Virtual Travel Limits.
• Speed Reduction Zones.
• Impact Limiting.
• Active Dampening.
• Standard Float Mode.
• Programmable Overload Capability.
Electrical Features
• Industry Standard 24 VDC, 2 AMP power
  is available for custom tooling such as:
  Clamps, Vacuum Cups, Switches,
  Proximity Limits, Lights, etc.
H5 Rated (Continuous Duty Cycle).
240VAC, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz.
• Load Sensing, Pay Load and Handle
• I/O Capabilities
  - (16) Inputs/ (8) Outputs
  - (8) Inputs/ (4) Outputs are free for
    interface controls.
• LED Status Indicators, Green and Blue
  Lighted Push buttons.
• LED Fault Indicators, Illuminated
  Run/ Stop Button, Twist to Release.
• Optional Remote Pendant or Wireless
  Remote Control
Tractor must coast to a complete stop prior to it being engaged in the opposite direction. Failure to do so will damage the tractor and void the manufacture's warranty.
KSHXYZ Series Configuration
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Knight Global KSHXYZ Series Tractor Configuration

Knight Global KSHXYZ Servo X/Y Tractor with Z Control
KSHXYZ Servo "X/Y" Tractor with "Z" Control Specifications
Hoist Capacity
lbs. [kg]
Towing Capacity
lbs. [kg]
Hoist Lift Speed [fpm.]
Tractor Travel Speed [fpm.]
Voltage/ Phase
250 lbs. [113.40kg]
4,000 lbs. [1,814.37kg]
196.85 fpm. [60.0mpm]
174.53 fpm. [53.2mpm]
240 / 1 Phase
350 lbs. [158.75kg]
4,000 lbs. [1,814.37kg]
241.00 fpm. [73.5mpm]
174.53 fpm. [53.2mpm]
240 / 1 Phase
750 lbs. [340.19kg]
4,000 lbs. [1,814.37kg]
123.03 fpm. [37.5mpm]
174.53 fpm. [53.2mpm]
240 / 1 Phase
1,000 lbs. [453.59kg]
4,000 lbs. [1,814.37kg]
82.02 fpm. [25.0mpm]
174.53 fpm. [53.2mpm]
240 / 1 Phase
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