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  • Knight Global Zero Load Table
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Zero Load Table
Knight Zero Loaders combine the convenience of ground level loading with the footprint of a standard lift table, and is used specifically for pallet jacks, push carts or taller, hard to reach, container applications. The Zero Load Tables are designed for ground level loading with a pallet jack when fork truck access is limited. Zero Loaders create an efficient workplace and allows the operator to work in a safe ergonomic range, increasing productivity while reducing fatigue.

Knight Zero Load Tables come equipped with hydraulic steel fittings and stainless steel braided hydraulic hosing for increased durability are optional. Polished chrome shafts are used at all slide and pivot points to minimize the wear and prolong component life. This lift table can be designed to fit a multitude of applications. Maintenance Lock-Out Bars are standard on all Knight Global tables.

All tables are inspected and tested before they leave our facility. Contact a Knight representative for more information.
Note: Listed Knight Global Zero Load Table sizes are standard. Custom sizes are available upon
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Accessories
Knight Global Zero Load Table
Features/ Options
• Steel Construction.
• Maintenance Lock-Out Bars.
• Stainless Steel Hydraulic Hosing.
• Standard Lift: 24 in. [610mm].
• Narrow Foot Print.
• Pneumatically Powered.
• Heavy Duty Pneumatic Air Bags.
• Polished Chrome Shafts at all Pivot and
   Slide Points.
• Max. Capacity: Up to 6,000 lbs. [2,722kg].
• Steel Riser.
• Pit Mounted (Angled Toe Guards, External
   Mounted Pit Guards or Auto Safety Bars
   are required).
• Corner Gusset Tabs (No Extra Charge).
• Various Heights Available.
• Motion Stabilizer for Tilt.
• Ratchet Safety Stops.
• Bellows Skirting.
• Pedestal or Foot Control.
• Bolt-on Hand Control.
Note: Table, Shuttles and Carts are available with a variety of accessories, safety features and equipment. Optional Safety Equipment including but not limited to; perimeter fence guarding, bellows skirting, safety mats, audible signals, light signals, toe guards, special control guarding, etc. are not included unless otherwise stated in the product descriptions. Please check with your state, local or plant safety for requirements. Please contact your local Knight Global representative for more detailed information. Knight Global will be happy to quote any and all safety equipment needed to meet your requirements.
Knight Global Zero Load Table
Zero Load Table Specifications
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Knight Global Zero Load Table Specifications

Zero Load Table Accessories
Knight Zero Load Table Motion Stabilizers
Motion Stabilizer
• Motion stabilizers help keep loads traveling upward
  and downward in a smooth, consistent manner.
• Used for loads greater than 4,000 lbs [1814 kg].
Contact a Knight representative for more information.
Knight Zero Load Table Steel Risors
Steel Table Risors
• All steel reinforced construction ensures a safe and
  sturdy mounting base.
• Standard sizes available and include base height
  sizes of 10 in. [254.00mm].
Contact a Knight representative for more information.
Knight Zero Load Table Bellows Motion Skirting
Bellows Motion Skirting
• Protective covering that serves as a barrier for the
• Skirting keeps debris from entering the table.
Contact a Knight representative for more information.
Knight Zero Load Table Controls
Table Controls
2,000 p.s.i [138 bar] Steel Braided Hydraulic Hosing
  and Fittings.
• All Steel construction provides long lasting durability.
• (3) Three position closed center valve with poppet
  intervals and detent on down stroke.
• Available in Pedestal or Foot Controls.
Contact a Knight representative for more information.


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