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  • Knight Global EBA1219 Swivel Hook with Eye
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EBA1219 Swivel Hook with Eye
Knight Global's EBA1219 Swivel Hook with Eye has a latch that automatically closes when the load is applied and can only open by pressing the release button and removing the load. You load them up and their latch locks them down. The EBA1219 Swivel Hook is a Supermax grade 100 hook that is 20% stronger then high strength (grade 80) hooks when used with chain of the same grade.
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Knight Global EBA1219 Swivel Hook with Eye
Forged Alloy Steel - Quenched and
Grade: 100.
• Individually Proof Tested at 2-1/2 times the
  4:1 Working Load Limit with certification.
• Recessed trigger design is flush with the
  hook body, protecting the trigger from
  potential damage.
• Positive Lock Latch is Self-Locking when
  hook is loaded.
• Trigger - consists of spring, roll pin and
• Hook swivel allows positioning and
  connecting loads easier.
• Max. Capacity: Up to 3,200 lbs. [1,451kg].
• Open bend keeps the load inline with the
• Open bend allows for ease of engaging and
  disengaging the load.
• Easy to operate with enlarged thumb
• Rated for both Wire Rope and use with
  Grade 80/100 Chain.
• Swivel Hook utilizes anti-friction bearing
  design which allows hook to rotate freely
  under load.
• Fatigue rated.
The SHUR-LOC® hook, if properly installed and locked, can be used for personnel lifting applications and meets the intent of OSHA Rule 1926.1431(g)(1)(i)(A) and 1926.1501(g)(4)(iv)(B).

Use in corrosive environment requires shank and nut inspection in accordance with ASME B 30.10-1.10.4 (b)(5)(c) 2009.
Knight Global EBA1219 Swivel Hook with Eye
EBA1219 Specifications
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Knight Global EBA1219 Swivel Hook with Eye Specifications

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