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  • Knight Global MorTrans Mortuary Transfer Cart
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MorTrans Mortuary Transfer Cart

Knight MorTrans Mortuary Transfer Cart is easily transferred from ambulances, refrigerators, etc. to the desired destination by raising/ lowering the roller bed platform (locking handles ensures the tray is secure while in transit). The MorTrans has adjustable limits that are used to set specific up/ down positions as determined by the operator.

All of Knight Global's Carts can be designed to fit a multitude of applications. All Carts are inspected and tested before they leave our facility. Please Contact a Knight representative for more information.

Note: Listed Knight Global MorTrans Mortuary Transfer Cart configurations are standard. Custom
           configurations are available upon request.

  • Features
Knight Global MorTrans Mortuary Transfer Cart
Features/ Options
• Standard or Custom built to customer
• Easy to Maneuver.
• (2) Two Maintenance Free 12 Volt Batteries.
• Built-In Charger (plugs into 110v outlet).
• Wheels may be locked out individually to
   park cart.
• Travel Limit Switches.
• Delivered Fully Assembled.
• Max. Capacity: Up to 400 lbs. [181kg].
• Height of Cart.
• Lift Height.
• Legs (Standard, Low Profile, or Custom).
Note: Table, Shuttles and Carts are available with a variety of accessories, safety features and equipment. Optional Safety Equipment including but not limited to; perimeter fence guarding, bellows skirting, safety mats, audible signals, light signals, toe guards, special control guarding, etc. are not included unless otherwise stated in the product descriptions. Please check with your state, local or plant safety for requirements. Please contact your local Knight Global representative for more detailed information. Knight Global will be happy to quote any and all safety equipment needed to meet your requirements.
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