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ATA1550-15 Spring Balancer
Knight Global's ATA1550-15 Spring Balancer is designed to reduce operator fatigue by absorbing torque reaction produced by assembly tools while balancing the tool weight. The ATA1550-15 Torque Tube is balanced by a spring balancer and features zero-gravity tool balancing.

The ATA1550-15 can be a swivel Tool Holder by incorporating Knight's ASA9518 360 degree Rotating Tool Clamp. It can also be a fixed Tool Holder by incorporating Knight's ASA9500 or ASA9501 Adjustable Tool Clamps.
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Features/ Benefits
• Movement is Straight Up/ Down.
• Zero-Gravity Tool Balancing.
• Max. Travel: Up to 20 in. [508mm].
• Max. Torque: Up to 74 ft./lbs. [100 Nm].
• Adjustable Height:
  52.5 in. [1,333.5mm] - 60.5 in. [1,536.7mm].
• Max. Balancing Capacity:
   Up to 15 lbs. [6.8kg].
• Product Weight: 32 lbs. [14.51kg].
• Reduces Operator Fatigue.
• Absorbs Torque Reaction.
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